Covid 19 measures

Due to the recent pandemic we have implimented new measures to keep both our guests and staff as safe as possible these include
Staff training
Enhanced personal hygine facilities for everyone
Hand sanitisation points at the enterances to the pub, on tables and in the toilets, Staff will be cleaning hands between customers.
Zoning for staff and a two metre distance rule is to be follwed by guests
Face mask for the staff and sneeze guards on the bar
Trays for the serving of food and drink to minimise contact
Clear signage around the pub to make sure eveyone knows the rules
The restaurant will no longer be laid up but will have fresh clean items given to our guests when they are required
All doors will be propped open while we are open to avoid contact
Dogs will now only be allowed in the bar but will need to be on a short lead so that they can maintain disstancing rules
We have introduced a waitress service and mobile app to minamalise movement around the pub
We have removed seating at the bar and would like all guests to sit at tables